NVC Integration Support Program (ISP)

"It takes a village to raise a consciousness".

Experience tells us that learning NVC and applying new ways of thinking and communicating takes time and support in community to help you integrate the work in your life.

If you have previously attended an NVC Foundation Training with NVC Melbourne we invite you to consider enroling with us for this month's Integration Support Program to see how it might serve you. 

Your enrolement includes a full day NVC workshop with practice, empathy and learning. We're fondly calling it our  NVC Melbourne "Village" event which will happen each month.

Integration Support Program - Day Workshop
9.45 arrival for 10.00am start

till 5.00pm (byo lunch)

The Benefits...

Regular attendees of our community workshops and online programs have reported significant aha moments and life changing shifts in their understanding of relating with themselves, others and their circumstances. They report increases in energy and aliveness not only in the moment but also an increasing sense of quality of life over time, as well as increased clarity and growing capacity to communicate and make progress in alignment with their values.

*The month's enrolement also includes...

Regular opportunities for empathy

Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm (starts Tues 24th May)
Friday mornings at 9.30am (starts Fri 27th May)
You can attend either or both sessions each week if you want to, or pick and choose the empathy sessions that will best work with your schedule from week to week. We imagine regular giving and receiving empathy will fast track your learning and your progress with NVC. The session is half an hour long and includes a brief meditation plus 10mins per person in pairs for silent listening for feelings and needs.

Thursday evening Fortnightly Community Forum 
7.30pm - 9.00pm
Operating since July 2014, our popular Thursday evening fortnightly LIVE community forum continues as a part of the monthly NVC Integration Support Program. There's usually an empathy pairs exercise as well as community sharing and connection... we so look forward to having your company and contributions.

The Financial Request...

For those enroling with means the program request is $160.00 a month.
For those who would like to request financial consideration or apply for concession please contact us at [email protected]