NVC Melbourne offers NVC Foundation Trainings as well as Wellbeing programs based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication (NVC).  Our wellbeing programs offer support to self-connect, connect with others and collaborate in teams in service to life.

We invite you to consider joining us in exploring compassionate community to learn and practice in. 

Your faciliators

  1. Karen Thompson-Anderson
    Karen grew up in a family in the Australian Military meaning she lived in different homes in different places most of her childhood... from home town Melbourne to the country town of Sale in Victoria to Canberra and Butterworth - Malaysia. Being "away from home" was an inner experience as well as a physical one that played out as a pattern of constant moving and tragic life coping strategies well into adulthood. Becoming a mother, Karen says, is what bought to consciousness her buried cravings to belong and create connection and collaboration in a way that served her relationships and her life. Discovering NVC and the power of self-empathy allowed Karen to transform her own life from disconnection and anxiety to connection and wellbeing in such a profound way to have inspired her to share her story and pass along the gift. Values: Experiencing Wellbeing through connection & life-serving progress, and empowering others to enjoy the same. Relating in families, workplaces and in the street where human wellbeing is central. Karen presented at the 1990 International Public Relations World Congress in Canada on the subject ‘Communications in the New Millennium’. She has a degree in Management Communication from Deakin, has appeared on radio and as a presenter at the Seven Sisters Festival 2013, and is a social advocate for wellbeing. Contact details Mobile: 0433 153 536 Email: [email protected]
  2. Cherie Scott
    CNVC Certified Trainer, Cherie’s particular focus with NVC is working with people from a place of reverence for self, others and life - for what’s alive in us. She has found that connecting with our feelings and needs and finding life enhancing ways to meet them brings empowerment and fulfilment. “Meeting everyone’s needs peacefully isn’t just a pipe dream - its real and my relationships are rewarding in ways I could only dream about before. Cherie’s coaching has supported me to build my skill in responding compassionately to difficult to hear messages.” Dorothy Douglas, President: Shiatsu Therapist Association, Australia. Special interests: Coaching with individuals, couples and groups Working with anger - your own and other people's Rituals for healing painful transitions Working with grief - facilitating mourning Accepting death as part of life End of life mentoring for carers and the dying Contact details Mobile: 0412 619 984 Email: [email protected]