“What I want in my life is compassion - a flow between myself and other based on a mutual       giving from the heart.”

Dr Marshall Rosenberg PhD 
Creator of NonViolent Communication

Hello and thank you for coming to visit our NVC Melbourne website. It's a great pleasure to connect with people who are committed to developing effective and connecting communication skills in personal and professional relating.

Our programs create relaxed and creative environments for your learning and progress on those communication challenges that you don't really enjoy, so that you can feel supported and encouraged through your practice and development. 

If you're curious, inspired or just ready to try something new in your communication, we look forward to welcoming you at one of our Introductory Days or our 2 Day Foundation Training programs.

Cherie Scott (Chez)
Internationally Certified Trainer  
Centre for Nonviolent Communication 

Currently Victoria’s only Internationally Certified NVC Trainer, I have been facilitating courses and coaching for over 13 years. As Assistant to the CNVC Certification Assessor for Australia & New Zealand I am a mentor to Certification Candiates.

I am a trainer and coach on the "Embodying NVC" program http://www.embodyingnvc.com and it is an honour to support the kind of transformation that happens in this 8 month program of 3 x 5 day retreats in Sydney.

Since 2003 I have been applying NVC skills in both my
personal and professional life. I have presented to people
in business, social services, health and education as well as those wanting more connected and effective communication in their workplace, with partners, children, family members and friends.

In my roles as marriage celebrant, funeral celebrant, companion to the dying and mentor to carers,
I have seen seen how important communication is at any and every stage of life.

Through learning and living NVC consciousness I have experienced the deep and abiding value of mourning disappointments and losses. Facilitating mourning circles is one of my most favourite things to do because of the transformation that comes from expressing our grief in a safe space and in the presence of empathic witnesses.

A passionate advocate for the acceptance of 'death as part
of life' I am fascinated by how embracing a willingness to "prepare to die" supports living life to the full NOW and can bring a much more vibrant sense of aliveness to our being.

I specialise in working with people who have experienced painful transitions. Through a series of sessions and a combination of deep empathy, NVC processes & coaching, dream work and ritual I am able to facilitate a journey to closure and a deep sense of peace. 

What people say ...

"Attending the NVC Melbourne gatherings and online practice has offered me an opportunity to not only learn communication models but also practice them in a supportive, empathetic and sharing environment. I feel enriched by the experience and calmer for having learnt how to distinguish between my thoughts, feelings and needs.

I have felt humbled by the authenticity of the process and thankful that it's focused me on connecting deeply with those I love. So many of the experiences shared by others have resonated with me, rekindling my optimism that we can all connect with ease when we're connected to ourselves!"
- Stefano
"Attending both the practice groups and private sessions has expanded my self-connection and communication skills in ways that have genuinely shifted my perspective on life. I feel better equipped to handle challenges more effectively. These benefits are especially significant in parenting and relating with those I love and care about with more presence and compassion". 
- Veronica